There is no additional fee for having Smart Penny help you pack on the day of your move. Because you are billed only for the time you need our services, moving specialists can help you organize and stow your belongings carefully and efficiently for free.


Full and partial packing services all fall under the same rate: only the time you need us. Packing books is not hard, but perhaps you need assistance in properly storing delicate valuables – we got you. Go ahead and ready your easily stowed-away items, and we’ll take care of the harder objects. Smart Penny also offers last-minute packing for those who were overconfident in their time estimations; no worries, it doesn’t cost extra.


Allow Smart Penny to crate your electronics and fragile furniture, including glass-top dining room table, china cabinets and fine art. We can also protect your mattresses by wrapping them in specially designed covers.

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Whatever you do, don’t sleep on the floor the night before your move. Smart Penny can pack up any items you need the night prior to the big day, including your mattresses, bed frames, and even cookware.


We may not be your friends, but we’ll absolutely provide you with friendly packing service. We’ll do the whole thing for you if you’d prefer not to even organize and box away your belongings. We’ve handled delicate and awkwardly shaped items for years, and we’ll be the first ones to have them stowed according to best practices.


Along with full-service packing in Boston and Cambridge, Smart Penny also offers unpacking help. You will already be mentally exhausted the day of the move, and mustering the strength you need to put the bed and tables together or to carry out immediate needs can seem impossible. Whether you would like the full load to be unpacked and assembled or just certain items, we offer unpacking services with no extra charge – just the time you need us!

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.