Here at Smart Penny, we understand that your time is important. We are fully prepared to help with all of your packing needs. By allowing Smart Penny Moving & Storage to pack for you, we take strain and stress out of your move. Our professional movers ensure maximum protection for your belongings.

With our full packing service, you don’t move a muscle. Our professional movers/packers will bring the boxes to your door on the day of the move, pack all items that fit into boxes, and crate the larger furniture with glass tops and doors. We’ll also provide mattress covers for your beds and pack your electronics. We’ll pack everything in just a few hours, freeing up your time to take care of more important matters and saving you from living out of boxes in the weeks before the move.

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Smart Penny Moving & Storage is able to crate your electronics and fragile furniture, including glass-top dining room table, china cabinets, curio cabinets and fine art. We can also protect your mattresses by wrapping them in specially designed covers.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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