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we offer a wide range
of moving services

Houston Movers - Local Moving

Local Moving

We know even a local move can be stressful, that’s why we bring our extensive experience to the table and transform this event into a seamless and cost-effective one. We know our cities and we always find the best solutions!

Long distance movers houston tx

Long Distance Moving

We treat each move like it’s a big move, so the only difference between a local and a long distance one is the travel time. Our professional movers will pack accordingly and secure your items during the long drive, so it feels like you just moved down the street.

commercial moving houston tx

Commercial Moving

We offer professional assistance in moving your office equipment, furniture, and supplies, employing specialized packing methods and transportation protocols to guarantee the safe relocation of your valuable technology.

moving supplies

Senior Moving

When your senior family members have decided that the time has come to downsize from their home to a smaller house or specialized care facility, we are here to help and ensure the process is a smooth and stress-free one.

packing services houston tx

Packing services

Packing services tailored to your needs! Whether you require full packing assistance or partial packing for specific items, we can accommodate your preferences and ensure that your belongings are packed securely.

storage houston tx


There are 23 million storages in the US… but this one is yours – created around your needs! Starting from only 125$/month, our storage is a safe space for your belongings. Benefit from 24-hour surveillance, temperature-control and more.

We work, you relax!

Why Choose
Smart Penny Moving?

Expertise and Experience

We have the necessary expertise and experience to handle all aspects of the moving process efficiently and safely.

Protection of Belongings

We provide various packing materials and techniques to safeguard all of your belongings during transit. Our trained and skilled movers are proficient in handling all types of items with care.

Time and Energy Savings

By hiring us you can save significant time and energy that can be utilized for other important tasks while setting into your new home.

No Hidden Fees

Transparency is our priority. Absolutely, you can trust that our services come with complete transparency and no hidden fees. This way, you can confidently plan your moving budget and avoid unexpected financial surprises.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Smart Penny Moving is fully licensed, providing you with legal protection. Your satisfaction and security are our utmost concern.

Know What Your Move Will Cost

By providing us with succinct inventory list and in-depth information regarding your move, our advanced software can generate an exceptionally accurate estimate. This proactive approach guarantees that you won’t have any unforeseen surprises once the job is completed.

What to expect
on the move day


Walkthrough and Parking the truck:

Walkthrough and Parking the truck:

Our friendly crew will arrive within the scheduled time frame and introduce themselves to you with a smile. We'll ask you to show us which furniture needs to be moved and which will stay. We'll also note any pre-existing damage to furniture for liability reasons. We want to ensure efficient transportation of your belongings, so we'll typically park the truck after the walkthrough. This allows us to position it optimally for a streamlined loading process. Please let us know if your driveway is freshly poured, paved, or painted, as it may affect our parking options.

Protection and Loading:

Protection and Loading:

We are experts at safeguarding your precious belongings. Our movers will cover and protect your furniture, doorjambs, floors, banisters, and other high-traffic areas of your home. Some large items like beds and desks may be taken apart before being protected. We follow an efficient system to utilize every inch of space. Starting at the front of the truck, we create a solid base with items like dressers and nightstands. We then gradually stack boxes and square-shaped materials on top. Lighter objects that can't bear weight, such as artificial trees, chairs, and large miscellaneous items, go on the top tier. This process is repeated until the truck is loaded, and items that don't stack well, such as bicycles or yard equipment, are added at the end.

Pick up Walkthrough:

Pick up Walkthrough:

After loading the truck, we'll go through your home again to ensure nothing is left behind. Feel free to point out any additional items you'd like included in the move.
Once you've confirmed that the home is clear and the unloading address is correct, we'll head to your new home. Please ensure someone capable is present when we arrive.

New Home Walkthrough and Unloading:

New Home Walkthrough and Unloading

Similar to the home you moved out of, we'll need your guidance to go through each room and determine where you want your furniture and boxes placed. We'll continue to protect doorjambs, floors, and banisters.
We'll bring your belongings into the new home and place them in the designated rooms with your direction. Some furniture may be unpadded on the spot, while others may remain padded until the end to protect them during unloading. Unpadded items will have their pads folded and brought back to the truck as needed.
We'll transport your moving boxes to the rooms where you want them to go. Properly labeled boxes make the process much smoother, so make sure they are labeled correctly. We can also take boxes to specific rooms of your choice for your convenience.
Once beds and other items requiring assembly are placed in the home, our crew members will handle the assembly and final placement. Your new house will start to feel like your home.

Final walkthrough, truck inspection and payment

Final walkthrough, truck inspection and payment

After the truck is completely unloaded, we'll go through your home again with you to ensure all items are properly placed. If you need furniture moved within rooms or minor adjustments, we're here to help. After the walkthrough, you can check the inside of the truck to ensure it's empty and all your belongings have been safely moved into your new home.
Congratulations on successfully moving into your new home! We'll present you with your moving paperwork, time-stamped with your signature. At this time, we'll also provide the bill, which can be paid in cash, credit card, or check. If you prefer to save more, we offer a discount for clients who pay in cash.

Don't forget to check out our packing tips page and use our printable moving checklist. If you have any questions about the moving process, please refer to our FAQs page.

People are raving
about us online

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Rahul Srinivasan

The team at Smart Penny moving was on time and very efficient. They called me when they were 30 minutes away, we did a quick walkthrough and from there it was a smooth experience. They took care of all items with care. Quality work for a very competitive price.

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rating stars

Grace Montgomery

Great movers!! We’ve hired them twice to move locally and they did a great job both times. They’re fast and efficient, even with multiple flights of stairs and in ridiculous July heat. Also one of the more affordable movers in the area. Definitely recommend!

google review
rating stars

Johana Blanco

Very respectful and hardworking people. They were puntual and efficient. Michael was very responsive, he sent me a quote in a few minutes. I really like the website they have. It was very easy to make a list of everything. Very happy with all the service. I will recommended them to friends and family l. Thank you!

google review
rating stars

Kendall Pletcher

We used Smart Penny Moving for a local move and the company has been clear and communicative throughout from giving the initial quote, locking in the dates, calling ahead of the moving day, through moving day itself. Their movers have been professional and efficient and I would recommend them.

rating stars

Nicholas Grieco

Smart Penny movers were the best! They were on time, friendly and fast. The team was excellent at considering our needs and moving items exactly where we needed them. They were very careful with our brand new floors and painted walls. I would highly recommend!

google review


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How to book a move with us
and why our estimates are the most accurate.

Booking a move with us is a streamlined process that begins with a simple phone call. During our initial meeting, we engage in an in-depth discussion to understand your unique moving needs, tasks, and expectations thoroughly. Utilizing our state-of-the-art software, we meticulously document every detail about your move, allowing us to provide the most accurate estimate possible, based on the cubic feet of each item.
Our team of experienced move coordinators, boasting extensive expertise in the moving industry, attentively listens and gathers all the necessary information. Once compiled, we promptly forward this data to the relevant departments for seamless coordination. Dispatch, armed with precise details about your move, works their magic to ensure a successful and efficient relocation.
To maintain a high level of communication and understanding throughout your moving process, our dedicated customer service team takes care of all additional tasks. They are readily available via phone or email, providing swift responses to any questions you may have.
Our manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing every aspect of your move. They diligently review all departments involved, ensuring that all your requests are followed and respected, and the moving process proceeds smoothly.
The accuracy and quality of our estimates heavily depend on the comprehensive move information you provide. By sharing detailed insights, you allow us to deliver superior services, making your move an exceptional and stress-free experience. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and guarantee that your trust in us will be rewarded with a seamless and successful move.

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