25 Easy Packing Tips to Make Your Move Stress-Free

Moving can be exhausting, but with the right packing strategies, you can minimize stress and keep your belongings safe during the relocation. At Smart Penny Moving, we have insider tips to make your next move easier. Check out these 25 simple steps to pack like a pro:

Begin packing with items you use less frequently and designate a specific room, like the garage or an extra bedroom, to store packed boxes.

Take this opportunity to clear out any unnecessary items as you go through your belongings.

Purchase more moving supplies than you think you'll need. Contact Smart Penny Moving for packing supplies, and we'll buy back any unused items.

Invest in small, medium, and large moving boxes of good quality. Avoid free boxes or food boxes that may have residue attracting bugs.

Place heavy items in small boxes and lighter belongings in larger boxes. Avoid packing anything heavier than 50 pounds for easier handling.

Set up a designated room or area with all your packing supplies, such as tape, scissors, packing paper, and markers, to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Use packing tape to reinforce the bottoms of boxes, especially when packing heavy items, to prevent them from falling through.

Prioritize items you'll need on the first day of your move, such as sheets, towels, toiletries, all-purpose cleaner, non-perishable snacks, and essential kitchen items.

Pack room by room and label each box accordingly. Proper labeling will help expedite the unpacking process in your new home.

Decide whether to store packed boxes in one designated room or in their original rooms. Using the garage can be a practical choice, as it keeps boxes out of the way and allows easy navigation for movers.

Line the insides of boxes with towels and clothing to provide extra protection for fragile items. However, limit this lining to the top and bottom of the boxes, using packing paper to wrap individual items.

Fill any gaps in boxes with lighter items like scarves or tablecloths to maximize space.

Resist the temptation to overload boxes, even if there's extra room. Follow the weight guidelines and avoid packing too many heavy items in large boxes.

Have each family member pack a suitcase with clothing and everyday essentials for the initial days of the move. Keep these suitcases separate from other moving supplies for easy access.

Set aside a box labeled with tools necessary for furniture assembly. This way, you'll have essential tools like power drills, hammers, nails, and screws readily available once you start setting up furniture.

Give each family member a specific packing task to keep them engaged and make the relocation process memorable.

Don't pack items in laundry baskets, crates, or open boxes that aren't suitable moving boxes. Proper packing ensures a smoother and safer moving process.

Contact us for professional assistance in packing and handling antiques or specialty items.

Before disconnecting electronics, take photos of the setup and connection details for easy reassembly later.

File important documents in a labeled manila folder and keep it with you during the move.

Line boxes containing liquids with a trash bag to prevent leaks. Tie the bag securely before sealing the box.

Place valuable items like currency, coins, and jewelry in a separate box and keep it in a safe place. Transport this box separately in your car on moving day.

Clearly label boxes containing items you'll need immediately, such as first-day essentials, bathroom supplies, or kitchen supplies.

Conduct a final walkthrough before leaving to ensure nothing is left behind.

If you need help with packing, don't hesitate to contact us. We can assist with packing your entire household or specific items based on your needs.

With these packing tips in mind, you're ready to tackle your moving packing list. Print out this guide and keep it handy as you pack a few boxes each day. Following these tips will make your move a success, allowing you to relax and enjoy your new home with your family.

For a stress-free move, get a free moving estimate from Smart Penny Moving, one of the top-rated moving service companies in Massachusetts. Contact us today!

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