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Smart Penny Moving has been serving Massachusetts and Boston-area residents for over six years, and throughout that time we’ve done an excellent job at optimizing the art of moving. No cigarette breaks, charging only for the time we’re working for you, and a commitment to efficiently moving your belongings in a gentle manner has aided us in helping over 1.500 clients. We’d like you to join those stats, and we’re looking forward to tell you more to help you make that decision.


Let’s get the official stuff out of the way. Smart Penny Moving is licensed, insured, and has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. We’re also rated as Top Pros on HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack.


We can talk all day about how Smart Penny Moving is the best moving company in Massachusetts, but we’d rather supply you with a more upfront, tangible difference that defines our services. We are the only moving company in Massachusetts offering financing. Mortgages, first month’s rent plus last month’s, and a variety of other factors can sometimes enhance the stress you’re already feeling while changing residences. Call to find out about how our financing options will help you and your family move now so you can take advantage of what life has to offer at this moment.


In addition to financing, we also offer storage services. Moving doesn’t always align with your schedule, and for those dates between moving in and out, we’re here to transport and store your furniture, books, paintings, cardboard cutouts of famous celebrities, and any other eccentric things you might own! Read more about how storing your belongings with Smart Penny can be another easy step in the moving process.  Read more…


If you’re a business in need of relocating or an university requiring help to set up for your orchestra’s next big performance, we can help you accomplish those goals and deadlines. Our movers at Smart Penny have years of experience transporting awkward, big, fragile, complex, and other items with cool adjectives, so rather than risking overstepping your insurance policy with injured personnel, we can provide peace of mind based on your needs.  Read more…       




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We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.