Smart Penny utilizes storage for moving in Boston, Cambridge, and around the country. We can provide any storage you need whether you require space enough for one bedroom, a house, or an office.


Our Storage services include keeping your belongings on the truck overnight or monthly options for people relocating locally within Boston. Beyond our trucks we also have temperature-controlled facility under 24-hour camera surveillance, and these serve as great temporary placeholders for your belongings.


Keeping your belongings safe is part of the package, and we help protect your property from water damage, fire, theft, freeze and heat warping, and bedbugs. If you are concerned about a particular art piece, instrument, wine, or other temperature-sensitive moving item, please let us know so we can instruct and guide you in how best your belongings with our packaging and climate-controlled storage.


Storing your things with Smart Penny for one day, a week, or months is not an issue, and we can provide an accurate¬†estimate to make sure you’re making the most economical decision that fits into your life’s plans. Families, singles, offices, and even realtors staging homes stand to benefit from our storage options in Boston, Cambridge, and around the country.


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