Looking to Save money on Packing?

All our boxes meet the highest industry standards and do an excellent job at protecting goods when in transit or storage. Need the reassurance of protecting your valuable items? Plastic crates, often stronger than cardboard crates may be the way to go. When packing heavy items, it’s important to keep in mind that cardboard boxes are less susceptible to weight stress.


Why Plastic Crates?

1. A clean house
2. No leak(s) guaranteed. When the shape is lost boxes tend to collapse
3. Cheaper than cardboard. Save time on assembly as the crates are delivered ready to pack, no tape needed
4. Free delivery and Free pick up (ask us about terms & conditions)
5. Lower cost: Our crates have ergonomic carrying handles allowing for quick and easy lifting and moving thus, cutting load time down to twice that of using cardboard boxes
6. Safe and Secure: Manufactured from tough grade plastic, the possibility of external damage is kept at an absolute minimum by our crates with lids. For complete peace of mind, Smart Penny also provides you with tamper-proofing seals furthermore, the crates won’t rust, rod or corrode

If you’re looking to pack, move and, protect your household items safely and efficiently, renting plastic crates will serve you well. Cost is an issue? Moving boxes allow you to pay a one-off fixed price upfront and if you have ways of re-using them, the savings could be worth it.

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