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Where am I going to get all the boxes I need to transport all my belongings, you’ve probably wondered. From books, to lamps, shoes, clothes and a variety of other items, Smart Penny can provide you with any and all boxes you may need for your move. We proudly state that our boxes are more dependable and stronger than those sold or salvaged elsewhere.

Additionally, we can provide you with tape, mattress covers, shrink wrap and, packing paper for purchase. For orders upwards of twenty-five boxes get them delivered for free. Clients who order less than twenty-five boxes can get the materials delivered before the day of the move for a fee or, on the day of the move for free or, pick them up locally from out moving headquarters.

In an effort to further protect furniture and TV’s from potential wear and tear from the relocation, complementary blankets are wrapped around and utilized during the moving process.



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