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“If I could rate the movers with 10 stars, I would. Pedro and Alberto were fantastic! They were friendly, professional, and they did a great job. I highly recommend them.”

Rick Wood



Let's keep it clear: Smart Penny Moving only charges you for the time you need our services. There are no hidden charges or fees, as we like to keep the billing process simple.



Moving in MA? We begin charging for time when we leave our starting point in N. Reading and we stop charging when we arrive back to our offices. We don't charge for traffic!



In addition to charging for time, we also add on costs for providing tape, boxes, shrink wrap, and mattress covers. If you have your own supplies we happily use yours and no additional charge will be levied.



There are a couple of items we do not transport, including the following:
A. Gas, B. Paints, C. Passports, D. Money, E. Phones, F. Animals


Our team of skilled college movers specializes in relocating all the essentials you require for a successful academic year. We meticulously pack and transport items such as books, computers, musical instruments, sports gear, furniture, artworks, and any other academic materials to your new destination.

Navigating dorm rooms can be a complex task due to the limited space, narrow staircases, and confined corners. This demands the expertise of movers who are familiar with the regulations within student housing facilities and can adhere to strict moving guidelines when entering and leaving residence halls.





At Smart Penny Moving, we recognize the demands of juggling final exams, part-time jobs, and class attendance. We take charge of all the complexities of the moving process, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.


Our full moving services are dedicated to providing both parents and students with a sense of ease and reassurance.

Our commitment extends to packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings, wheter it's for on-campus or off-campus housing. We serve as your all-inclusive solution for relocation needs, including the provision of necessary packing supplies.

The cost-effective storage services cater perfectly to students who may require storage during breaks or internships. We also offer the convenience of storing your furniture and possessions post-graduation, allowing you to focus on securing a new apartment and embarking on your career journey.

Our range of student moving services includes:

All-Inclusive Moving Supplies

Smart Penny Moving is fully equipped with everything you need for effective packing and moving. Our top-tier boxes provide optimal protection during transit or long-term storage. We also stock packing essentials such as tape, markers, bubble wrap, packing paper, and furniture cushioning pads. Our dorm movers are skilled at identifying your exact moving needs, thus preventing unnecessary expenditure on supplies.

Budget-Friendly Hourly Moving Rates

When searching for college movers within your area, affordability is likely a top priority. Our approach involves tailoring your moving package to optimize both time and cost, ensuring a rapid settlement into your new dorm or apartment. Trust in our reasonable hourly moving rates to seamlessly accommodate your budget constraints.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

The significance of your college belongings cannot be understated. Entrusting them solely to certified and insured experts offer the grand advantage of protecting your items against any potential damage.

Tailored Moving Services for Busy Students

Modern-day college life is exceptionally demanding. From attending classes and maintaining social engagements to part-time employment and future planning, the responsibilities can quickly accumulate.

Harmonious Dorm Room Move-In and Setup

Smart Penny Moving ensures the smooth transition of your belongings into your dorm room, complete with meticulous setup. Negotiating campus moves can be intricate, especially when confronted with tight spaces, narrow staircases, and constrained entrances. Our adept movers possess the experience to handle such challenges. Upon delivery, we undertake unpacking, furniture assembly, and arrangement adjustments to suit your preferences.

Efficient Dorm Move-Out

As the semester concludes, our proficient team, equipped with premium packing materials, stands ready to assist with your dorm room departure. We expertly clear your space and safely transport your items to their intended destination or storage.

Seamless Transition to Off-Campus Housing and Apartments

For upperclassmen seeking more spacious accommodations off-campus, a hassle-free transition is vital. If dorm living isn't mandatory, a simple call to us will secure an affordable quote for apartment moves.

Loading and Unloading Services

Our comprehensive moving services cater to students in need of assistance with loading and unloading. Whether it's moving boxes from dorm rooms or apartments into vehicles, our movers are adept at efficiently packing, disassembling furniture if necessary, and ensuring a seamless fit into the moving truck.

Summer Storage for Campus Students

The most reliable room-to-room movers also offer summer storage solutions. Our secure and staffed storage units ensure your belongings remain in pristine condition, awaiting your return for the new academic term.

The distinctive moving demands of college students call for a moving company that is attentive and adaptable. For years, students in N. Reading and the nearby regions have placed their confidence in Smart Penny Moving to facilitate their transition into dormitories and off-campus residences.

We excel in arranging your living space, coordinating summer storage solutions, delivering loading, and unloading assistance, and catering to any other necessities essential for a smooth adjustment to campus life. Don't hesitate to reach out to Smart Penny Moving today for a no-cost moving estimate.

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no hidden fees

Punctual and
careful staff

Timely arrival
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Quality packaging
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Additional insurance

Don't forget to check out our packing tips page and use our printable moving checklist. If you have any questions about the moving process, please refer to our FAQs page.

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Rahul Srinivasan

The team at Smart Penny moving was on time and very efficient. They called me when they were 30 minutes away, we did a quick walkthrough and from there it was a smooth experience. They took care of all items with care. Quality work for a very competitive price.

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Grace Montgomery

Great movers!! We’ve hired them twice to move locally and they did a great job both times. They’re fast and efficient, even with multiple flights of stairs and in ridiculous July heat. Also one of the more affordable movers in the area. Definitely recommend!

rating stars

Johana Blanco

Very respectful and hardworking people. They were puntual and efficient. Michael was very responsive, he sent me a quote in a few minutes. I really like the website they have. It was very easy to make a list of everything. Very happy with all the service. I will recommended them to friends and family l. Thank you!

rating stars

Kendall Pletcher

We used Smart Penny Moving for a local move and the company has been clear and communicative throughout from giving the initial quote, locking in the dates, calling ahead of the moving day, through moving day itself. Their movers have been professional and efficient and I would recommend them.

rating stars

Nicholas Grieco

Smart Penny movers were the best! They were on time, friendly and fast. The team was excellent at considering our needs and moving items exactly where we needed them. They were very careful with our brand new floors and painted walls. I would highly recommend!

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