Planning to change your address? Whether you're in need of a short- term storage fix during the unboxing chaos or seeking a lifelong remedy for your clutter, leasing a storage space emerges as the ideal choice for individuals making the big move to a new abode.

Frequently Asked Questions

When moving your valuables into your personal vault at Smart Penny Moving, you don't need to worry about disassembling or reassembling your furniture because that is always included in our services.

We will place them in the most strategic way possible, like in a game of Tetris, in order to make the most out of the space available. Naturally, all large and heavy items will be placed at the very bottom. Items that can be put vertically will be place so. We also consider which items you’re going to need more often. For instance, if you’re planning to store seasonal clothing, we will be placing these items in an easy-to-reach spot near the door.

No, you may come and go as you please, so to speak. At Smart Penny Moving we don't force you into any commitment, that's why we prorate every half-month.

At Smart Penny Moving we value the peace of mind and most of all, safety, of our beloved customers. Customer support is always at your service, if you need to schedule a visit to your vault and your move coordinator is always ready to give you a great deal if you decide to move out.

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