We Go The Extra Mile

Long Distance moving from Boston to California, Texas, Florida, or even Iowa is a big step for families, and Smart Penny Moving is here to help you transition as easily as possible. Unlike our local moves, we do not charge by the hour. Smart Penny uses a flat fee which includes labor, truck, loading, unloading, blankets, straps, and dollies. We cannot offer you an estimate without conducting an on-sight observation. It’s free, so book an estimate for a long-distance move now so you can get on the road.

Our basic moving package includes:

  • Professional moving consultant assigned specifically to your move

  • Easy to understand price

  • Door to door relocation

  • Professional moving crew

  • Disassembly and reassembly of basic furniture

  • Padding of furniture with blankets

  • Organized list of moved items

  • Unwrapping of large furniture

  • Loading and unloading

  • Fully equipped truck

  • Taxes,fuel,tolls and miles

  • One free flight of stairs upon pickup and delivery

  • No up-charge for elevator usage or moving large appliances

  • Basic liability coverage of $0.60 per pound per article

What Else Do You Charge For?

We offer packing services that are priced by the number of boxes you need help in preparing. Any extra stops and pick ups are free within five to ten miles of the targeted route and destination.

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What If I Need Storage? 

Smart Penny offers straight delivery within couple of days of the move, but if you need your belongings stored for a brief amount of time, we can offer this to you as well.


Are You An Insured Moving Company?

Smart Penny is insured and can provide you with the federal mandated $0.60/lb coverage, but we also offer additional coverage. The total value of your belongings and the deductible you choose affects the cost of this additional insurance.


You’re The Boss

The big move is all about what you need to feel comfortable and confident with this long distance relocation. We’re the professionals on logistics, but our promise to you entails using our experience and professional capacities to match you and your family’s goals. Even in the presence of unpredictable weather, traffic, road closures, and every potential factor that affects all of us while driving, Smart Penny makes sure to empower you so that you are always in the loop and in control.


When Should I Schedule My Long Distance Move?

Smart Penny encourages potential and future clients to begin scheduling long distance moves a month or more ahead of time. There is no limit as how far into the future you can book your move with us, and we especially ask you to reserve at least six weeks beforehand during summer. However, if you move last minute, we would still like you to talk to one of our moving specialists to see how we can work around your needs, or in the case that we truly are fully booked, we can coordinate with you to find a reliable competitor.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.