Cambridge Moving Company

Smart Penny Moving & Storage is a one stop shop for all of your moving needs. We are committed to providing fast, reliable and efficient service to all of our customers. With our A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, you can trust that Smart Penny Moving & Storage is the right moving company for your family.

Our Local moving package includes:

  • Professional moving consultant who will be with you every step of the way

  • Guaranteed hourly rate

  • Door to door relocation

  • Loading and unloading

  • Fully equipped truck

  • Professional moving crew

  • Padding of wooden, plastic, metal, upholstered and leather furniture with moving pads

  • Disassembly/Assembly of basic furniture – No Fee

  • Heavy Items – No Fee

  • Long Walk – No Fee

  • Stairs – No Fee

  • Packing – No Fee

  • Fuel – No Fee

  • Tolls – No Fee

  • Insurance – Free

No Hidden Fees – You Just Pay For The Time

Let’s keep it clear:  Smart Penny Moving only charges you for the time you need our services. Do you have a piano to move? Wonderful, there’s no extra charge. Is there a long walk from the moving truck to your living room filled with dozens of Greek Classics? No tragedy there – no additional fees. Our Cambridge moving company’s financial model is based on the time we spend helping you and your family move versus additional charges.

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Why Should I Choose Smart Penny?

We guarantee you will find lower prices for local movers in Boston,  and we can also promise the following:

A. Other companies charge extra for heavy items like pianos, washers, dryers, or refrigerators.
We don’t

B. Offices will expect laborers to extend the time needed for the move.
We don’t – you can stop whenever after the minimum.

C. Different companies might charge for extra stop.
We don’t – you can stop anywhere you want as we only charge for the time.

D. Many other movers could include fees for tolls, fuel, and other basic transportation realities.
We don’t

E. Most companies charge extra if you need help packing.
We don’t

F. Finally, some of these companies could be uninsured and unlicensed.
Smart Penny Moving is both insured and licensed by the State Of Massachusetts.

Click here to have one of our moving specialists give you a free estimate on how much time you’ll require to have Smart Penny Moving help you on the big day.


When Do You Start Charging For My Move?

We begin charging for time when we leave our headquarters in Cambridge and when we arrive back to our offices after assisting you. In the case of heavy traffic we will charge for the time based on non-congested road access.

Are There Any Other Costs?

In addition to charging for time, we also add on costs for providing tape, boxes, shrink wrap, and mattress covers. If you have your own supplies we happily use yours and no additional charge will be levied.

Are You Insured?

Smart Penny is an insured moving company, and in addition to the federally mandated $0.60/lb that you are entitled to with any moving company, we also offer additional coverage, the cost of which is determined by the total value of your belongings and the deductible you choose.

Can You Move These Things For Us?

There are a couple of items we do not transport, including the following:

A. Gas
B. Paints
C. Passports
D. Money
E. Phones
F. Animals

If you have any questions about whether we can move something from your home, please email us at or call 857-504-4232.

Can You Store My Things If I Can’t Move In Right Away?

Yes, and we offer storage options in Boston, Cambridge, and around the country. Whether you require short-term storage on trucks or temperature-controlled facilities for longer periods of time, Smart Penny can make sure your things are safely stored during the moving transition.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.